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Boats for all manner of survey work from Torbay

Many of our Torbay vessels are available to contract for survey work, as safety boats, for tow work or as diving platforms locally. We hold an exemplary safety record and years of marine experience. We’ve also been used for film work and media.

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Safety is our focus…

Our safety record is unmarked, and risk assessments can be provided or amended to suit your specific duty. All of our vessels are licensed and fully insured against any outcome.

Survey work and safety in Torbay, tow boats, diving and film work

Competitive contractors of survey boats..

We have boats within our company available to charter for all manner of contracts, and have adapted them in the past to suit requirements. We operate purchase order facilities and are registered with procurement platforms.

Perfect diving platforms..

We’ve been chartered for dive work, towing and more, and can provide a stable platform for any job. We’ve also been used for film and media work.

Tow work and safety..

We’ve years of experience towing boats to various locations, including tidal rivers and estuaries.

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Brixham Kiosk Address:

Funfish Trips, Sea Spray III Kiosk
(opposite ULA Gift Shop)
The Quay, Brixham, Torbay,
South Devon, TQ5 8AW

Torquay Kiosk Address:

Funfish Trips, Boat Booking Board Site 4,
(opposite Offshore Bar)
Vaughan Parade, Torquay, Torbay,
South Devon, TQ2 5EG

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Kiosks: 09:00 - 18:00
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